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They got married thanks to Kidoushin...

I recommend Kidoushin! It's an efficient team thanks to which I found my behalf. Thanks to the team that follows you throughout the process..., my fiancee and I are delighted and we will never thank you enough. Frédéric
I thank you and congratulations for all you do for our people. Your mitzvah is sublime Samuel
I salute the Kidoushin team (...) thanks to whom I was able to find my soulmate. We feel that the team is dedicated to finding the right person for you (…) Kidoushin is a blessing for our community Mordekhai
We wish from the bottom of our heart to thank you for being, those thanks to whom we met! Thank you for supporting us so well David and me ... With our eternal gratitude ... David & Tania
From the bottom of my heart, a huge thank you to the Kidoushin website and to the whole team working behind the scenes to allow everyone to find THE person who corresponds to him. Aurélie
What I appreciate about Kidoushin is the many tips of the team but also the availability and responsiveness by mail and telephone staff without whom this union would have taken longer to come true Ilan
I am pleased to announce that Jennifer has accepted my proposal today I will let you know for the future... David

The concept

One of a kind, our concept is a mix between the marriage agencies of Jewish religious circles that bring reliability of proposals and Chadhanim expertise (qualified matchmakers) and use of advanced technology to respond to a public not necessarily religious but very connected.

Who is our site for ?

All Jewish Francophones around the world are concerned, single, divorced, widowed ... No limit of age, place or level of religiosity: from "little believer" to "orthodox" through " traditionnalist » our site includes people of all trends.

In concrete terms, how does it work…?

  • Once registered on the site, your advisor will make a telephone contact with you, to learn more about: your life, your expectations and your desires.
  • But, since we are not robots ... The profiles that will be able to correspond to you will be process one by one, with your advisor, during the meetings of "matching" of the team.
  • From here,. your profile will be validated*, and the search algorithm, developed exclusively for the Jewish community, will search for "compatible" profiles
  • The final decision will be made between your advisor and that of the person concerned, then we will contact you to propose the profile and it will be up to you to decide if you want to go further ...
* Subject to validation by your advisor, some profiles may be refused..

Why your registration on Kidoushin cost money ?

An expert team at your disposal

The professionals in psychology and coaching that forms our team, will ensure you a personal follow-up during the whole subscribsion. Those specialists will be warrant of a real meeting expertise.

A real tech jewel

The matching algorythm - a one of its kind - created for the world jewish community, will allow search of compatible profiles.

A high quality service and accompaniment

Our subscribers benefit of a personalised follow-up and adapted coaching sessions.

Contact us

By email :

By phone from France :

By phone from Israel :


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